Green Concept

As a guest at Adara Palmiet Valley, you are surrounded by an unsurpassable natural spectacle. The sea of flowers on the jacaranda trees, the wild owls on site and the cheetahs from the neighbouring Cheetah Park immediately captivate you. It is impossible to escape these fascinating, spectacular sights. Protecting the environment is very important to us. In order to ensure that our guests can still enjoy a high level of comfort, we have developed a comprehensive sustainability and building management concept.

Modern travelling means leaving a small carbon footprint.

The electricity required for the operation of the hotel complex as well as the farm is generated entirely by our photovoltaic system and stored in a battery buffer station. The energy generated is enough to supply the entire facility at night and on days with little sun as well. As the South African power grid is subject to daily fluctuations, outages and shutdowns (load shedding), we have made our entire power supply independent. This means that our guests enjoy unrestricted and continuous operation of the air conditioning and in-floor heating in the rooms. Our guests appreciate this very much, as South African nights can be quite cool and the days sometimes rather hot. This level of building technology puts Adara Palmiet Valley in a very unique position.

Our supply of fresh water is also completely independent. We obtain our water from rain via a dam run by the local cooperative society, and this covers our needs all year round. Drinking water is obtained from an underground lake located 30 meters beneath the property. We treat our water completely independently in our own water purification system.

State-of-the-art technology produces clear, clean drinking water of the highest quality.

This means that Adara Palmiet Valley’s power supply is completely independent, making us immune to supply shortages. This also guarantees the continuous functionality of the security fence and the 24-hour security system.

From around May of next year, our in-house shuttle service and all company vehicles will be fully electric and charged with zero emissions using solar power.

As a guest of Adara Palmiet Valley, you will enjoy the highest level of comfort and at the same time use the available resources very responsibly. You will be travelling with a good conscience.