The Estate

The Estate was founded in 1754 by the French Huguenot Jean De Buis.
Fred Uhlendorff, a German adventurer who was sailing around the world in his yacht in search of paradise, fell in love with this magical place and purchased Palmiet in 1996. He restored the Old Manor House to its former glory and added new buildings in the following years. During construction, Uhlendorff stayed true to the architectural style of »Cape Dutch«, the main building whose characteristic features include curved gables and thatched roofs. The result was a charming hotel with luscious vineyards that had been expanded during the same time period.

Eva and Hermann Rudolph, both architects and owners of the Adara Boutique Hotel, which is situated in the city of Lindau at Lake Constance, discovered this wineland jewel as guests during a trip to Africa in 2012, acquiring the property in 2021. Eva Rudolph had already restored a historical building complex from the 13th century in Lindau, which now houses the Adara, in 2014. Since the end of 2021, the Estate has been undergoing extensive renovation with the same commitment to quality and historical preservation. The Jacaranda House was built in 1754 and is the oldest building on the premises. The Estate will reopen in November 2023 as an exquisite farm boutique hotel.

Park and Garden

Alongside the four main historical buildings, the defining features of the Estate are the parkland with its magnificent trees, some of which are more than 200 years old, and the surrounding agricultural areas. The guava trees, which were originally imported from Madeira some 200 years ago, invite you to take a lovely stroll around the 16-hectare property. The ancient oak trees provide the perfect nesting spots for owls. One pair of owls have even chosen our garden as their home, raising their young here every year.

Wind down with an aperitif on our sun deck (Building VI) at the end the day, taking in the majestic mountain scenery as the sun goes down.

New residents at the Estate

The owls’ offspring have arrived.
Two little fledglings are the newest residents at Palmiet Valley.